In 2017, the Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. The storm completely destroyed the island’s power grid and left all 3.4 million residents without power, in some areas for nearly a year. Hurricane Maria took the lives of around 2,975 people and caused an estimated $100 billion in losses. Local businesses were hit especially hard, and two years later Puerto Rico still struggles to alleviate the damages from the hurricane, despite the fact that its beaches are as beautiful as ever. 
This project involved the marketing and branding of Coqui: Reawaken Puerto Rico, a campaign to encourage tourism to the island and boost its economy. This was accomplished through extensive research into the tourism industry, existing campaigns for natural disaster relief, and travel-related design. The final result included branding, collateral, advertising, website design, blog posts, and a variety of merchandise pieces.
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The name Coqui: Reawaken Puerto Rico captures the character of Puerto Rico and refers to the coqui frog that is only native to Puerto Rico. The frog gets its name from the sound it makes as it “sings” at night. The second part of the name, Reawaken Puerto Rico, calls for consumers to come to visit Puerto Rico and make it lively as it once was before Hurricane Maria. The two parts of the name play off each other and establish an alive and musical feel to the campaign.
The color palette was drawn from the colorful architecture and art of Puerto Rico, specifically the buildings in Old San Juan. The pink, yellow, orange, green, and blue buildings are distinctly unique to Puerto Rico so using them in this identity creates a strong association to the island. The shades are vibrant and inviting with orange and blue used most heavily to represent the sun and sky, but also adventure and harmony.
The typography of this campaign was selected to reflect the Latin history of Puerto Rico, which is often characterized by serif typefaces with sharp triangular edges. Like Rhys’s designs, a complimentary typeface of a sans serif was added. This typeface is legible but still varies in stroke weight to reflect the playfulness of the brand. 
A website was created to ensure an online presence for Coqui Reawaken Puerto Rico. It provides information about the mission and values of the campaign along with resources to plan a trip to Puerto Rico.

Blog posts were created for the website to highlight stories of Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Maria. The posts connect target audiences with real people they have the opportunity to help by traveling to the island. 
Instagram posts accompany each blog post to give a preview and direct viewers to read the full story.
Facebook and Instagram profiles extend as an online resource and help promote the campaign. Photography of the beautiful beaches and activities in Puerto Rico make up the majority of the social pages to show audiences what a vacation to the island looks and feels like.
Photographs of Puerto Rico are paired with stylized copywriting to create advertisements that appear across platforms. These advertisements sell the concept that Puerto Rico is a lively place that audiences will want to be a part of. They use party language such as “you’re invited,” and “come join the party.” 
To extend the brand identity, stationery was created including a letterhead and business cards. As a non-profit, the campaign will use the letterhead for business correspondence and the business cards will provide contact information to get in touch with directors of the program.

Merchandising wearables of t-shirts, luggage tags, hats, tote bags, and stickers serve as continual marketing pieces as they get used in everyday life. Proceeds from their sale go to the cause and benefit small businesses of Puerto Rico.

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